Monday, November 23, 2009

Promoting Your Site

Alright so you have a good looking, content rich website now. Now sit down, relax and take a sip on your mango juice. Wait till the traffics will come on its own. People will know. A lot of bloggers thought that once they've published a well-written post, they could just relax and watch the traffic flood when the truth is they need to promote their websites in every possible way they can.

There plenty of proven methods to help drive traffic to one's website and establish credibility. One of these methods is the social networking. It's one way of communicating and linking with people of similar interest and eventually get to have these people trust you, visit your sites and listen to every recommendation you do and say. Another is through social bookmarking. Bookmarking has become a famous and the most easy option of promotion as many sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, allow their users to bookmark or to remember their favorite pages and even vote on the best site, comment on its contents and share these bookmarks with anyone anywhere in the world for FREE!


Take the word literally and figuratively. Promotion is probably the easiest and in the most cases, the cheapest way to increase your exposure to the vast internet world. Your content would be useful if others are finding them. Go promote them. Connect or network with bloggers of similar interest, react, interact with their posts. Offer suggestions and share ideas. These blogger might find your posts worth sharing and share it with their readers. As you continue participating in forums, chats, discussions, share links, ideas and the lines, you will gradually establish your presence online as well as incoming links to your site. Social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter are wonderful ways in helping you collaborate with your readers in real time and share ideas and links to your contents. Make use of them--they're free and the potentials of boosting your traffic through them is unlimited.

Contests on Promos

Run a contents or offer freebies for your readers like giving the "nth" visitor, the frequent visitor, the user with the most comments or those who RT your tweets the most, etc. Determine through Demographics the location of your users and see what offer that they might delight into participating. Through this, you will be encouraging them to write posts about your contents, tweet about your posts, tell their friends about it and simply promote your site--isn't it cool to see them promote your promos too?

If you're not using any of the suggested approaches then what are you waiting for?! Perhaps you're still keeping your fingers crossed that visitors will miraculously stumble upon your sites with little or no effort to promote on your part. Think again! Go start blogging, promoting, networking and earn those dollars!

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